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I'm Jalen Williams, but you can call me, "J"!


So I'm originally from Boston, MA. I'm currently twenty-six years young but my love for music precedes me. I've been in love with music since I was a child; however, it wasn't until I attended high school -- at the historic Boston Arts Academy -- that I embraced my gift of singing and songwriting. Back then, I learned a ton about classical and jazz music and developed my "swag" while singing in a small group called The Dream Team. 


I was hooked! 


I continued to develop my love for music at Northpoint Bible College where I earned a B.A. with a focus in Worship Arts Ministry. 


You're probably asking why music means so much to me. Well, music has always been there for me. I believe that music is an amazing tool to empower people out of tough circumstances. I realize that I've been given an amazing gift in my ability to be a vessel of God by creating music to share with others. 


My voice is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Moving forward, as I continue to grow in my artistry, I want people to experience God through my voice, words, stories (and my smile). I, like all of us, represent God's grace and favor, and I'd be foolish not to share that love with each of you. 

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  • Jalen Williams Music

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